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Email Correspondence

Hudson Innovate has developed many business processes for firms over the years including Finance Forms, New Starter/Leaver, Matter Management, Service Desk, Application Processing, Sales and Lead management. One of the common factors each of these processes required was effective correspondence generation.

From internal emails prompting users, marketing quality emails, welcome letters to new starters, they all require a template to be designed with values from the business process merged. Emails and letters to end customers need to have a professional feel.

The correspondence solution provides easy maintenance and reduces deployment effort for all your email and letter correspondence templates.

Key Features

The correspondence solution has been written from a combination of requirements to deliver an end-user template system which allows merging for your processes. Emails and letters can be generated from a few lines of code.

  • Create, Merge and Send Emails
  • Create, Merge and save Letters and Documents as Html, PDFs or Text
  • Template Editor with HTML editor and testing option
  • Template Admin Dashboard to Create and Test templates
  • Copy and paste fields from your procedures into your correspondence templates

The Correspondence solution centre is available as an off-the-shelf solution with help files and tutorials or with additional customisation services. Please contact us for more information or a demonstration. > Contact



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