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Legal Process Management & Service Level Agreements

Case Management Systems have been used to deliver consistent service levels in high volume areas for a long time but there has not been the same sort of uptake in areas of law which are less prescriptive. Nevertheless client service level agreements still apply.

Hudson have devised a flexible case planning tool that allows lawyers to quickly setup individual case plans while also benefiting from a fully integrated matter management system.

Legal Process Management

Hudson is committed to delivering business process improvement within an environment that is optimised for the use of lawyers and their clients. This has led to the development of the Hudson Legal Process Suite. This delivers a "matter centric portal" through which users interact with the various processes and tasks in the appropriate context.

In addition, the Hudson Legal Process Suite delivers a common user interface for core functions such as task management, document production and contact management, and also provides a middleware layer (Hudson Integration Accelerators) for integrating key legal applications such as practice management, document management and CRM systems.

Service Level Agreements

Case review and client reporting intervals form the backbone of any modern Service Level Agreement. Hudson have risen to the challenge by providing a system that ensures compliance with client SLA's.

The Hudson Legal Process Suite has built in SLA templates which can be configured against single or multiple clients

The Key Benefits of the Legal Process Management Suite are as follows

  • Can be applied consistently across all work types and transactions
  • Ensures regulatory compliance and minimises risk within business operations
  • Reduces cost of doing business
  • Reporting and data analysis enable more flexibility in pricing
  • Increases productivity of all staff to provide greater capacity for growth
  • Allows fee earners to focus on the law and quality of client service
  • Promotes best practice and reduces risk of errors
  • Creates greater visibility and escalation of outstanding tasks and undertakings
  • Integrates with existing line of business applications such as PMS & CRM
  • Supports effective resource planning and utilisation
  • Acts as a platform for effective internal and client collaboration
  • Provides the tools to allow firms to further develop the system to meet future needs
  • Delivers a real and sustainable Competitive Advantage



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